8 Signs You Are in Dire Need of Alcohol Rehabilitation

Have you been struggling with substance abuse for the longest time? How about being caught driving under the influence of alcohol. If you are feeling that this habit seems to be careening of control, and you are somehow losing your friends and family, it is the best time to quit.

How can you tell that you are in terrible need of rehabilitation? There are many telling signs, and here are some of those.

1. You have extreme tolerance to alcohol consumption

When a person develops tolerance to alcohol, this indicates that the body has compensated to high levels of it for damage control.

If you do not feel the buzz even after two bottles of beer, your body has become tolerant to an increased blood alcohol level. This is dangerous because you will tend to drink more just to get that drunken feeling. Consuming too much has ill-effects to your body and overall health.

2. You are uncontrollable

Since you have developed high tolerance, most likely, you will lose control of your habits. You will no longer become rational about making choices. When one or two bottles are no longer enough, you will tend to drink more than what is safe. If you have the tendency of drinking alcoholic beverages even in contrary to medical advice, this is an indication that you really need to have yourself rehabilitated.

3. You get withdrawal symptoms

When you decide to quit the habit and experience withdrawal symptoms, this is a clear indication that you need professional help. Aside from depression and anxiety, a person withdrawing from alcohol will also experience physical manifestations, such as tremors, headache, sweating, nausea and vomiting, clammy skin, and fatigue.

For the first five to ten minutes, an alcoholic will experience the onset of withdrawal symptoms, which will worsen after 48 to 72 hours. This is a life-threatening condition and should not to be taken lightly.

4. You neglect duties

Alcoholism destroys lives. When you are frequently drunk, you become incapable of performing even the most mundane tasks, and establishing and maintaining relationships with your family, friends, and even colleagues. You will lose the motivation to work and, soon, might even cause you to lose your life’s work. Like anything else, your responsibilities become a blur with alcoholism.

5. You break the law

If you have been caught red-handed driving drunk, it might be time to quit. Getting involved in violent outbursts, fist fights, and other harmful activities might soon result to you being locked up in jail.

6. You frequently blackout

Aside from getting into trouble, if you are blacking out more often, then something should be done immediately. Soon, you will begin forgetting important appointments and meetings, and will no longer recall recent occurrences. When memory has become an issue, you should see a physician for help.

7. Other people are expressing concern

When your friends and family are stating their concern over your drinking habits, this means that you have to stop. Ignoring their pleas and pushing them away might create a rift in the relationship. You do not want to wake up sober one day with an empty house.

8. You resort to lying for cover-up

Maybe, right now you are finding it hard to accept the truth.
Alcoholics tend to find excuses for them to rationalize their behavior. They look for ways to cover up this addiction and deny any need of help. Worse, they would even refuse treatment which, mostly, will end up badly.

Do you have any of these signs? If you are a self-confessed alcoholic, and you recognize that, indeed you are in dire need of help, now is the time to take action. Let go of the beer bottle and head on to your local health units for advice on how to get treatment and rehabilitation for alcoholism.
There are many agencies who are willing to help you out. Act now before alcohol takes full control of your life.

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